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Edible Flower Seeds:
Nasturtium    Nasturtium Mix

seeds per packet:  100+
price:  $2.50
Height: 12-24"
Spacing: 9-12"
Light: Full sun; part shade
Water: average
Harvest: late Summer
Sow: 1/8" deep
Sprout: 7-14 days
All parts of this colorful flower are edible. Flowers are often used in salads and stir-fries, while the buds can be pickled in vinegar and eaten as a condiment -- annual
        Gardening Tip:  For greater garden benefits, plant nasturtium near beans, cabbage, radishes ansd squash.  Nasturtium repels aphids, potato bugs, squash bugs, striped pumpkin beetle and Mexican bean beetles. 
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